Wildflower Summer 11   Recently updated !

This post simply celebrates the Summer of the Wildflower. We’ve been living in the Keys for 20+ years and there are very few annuals, perennials, or wildflowers there, so I’m the first to admit that we might be more susceptible to wildflower charms than the usual tourist to Canada & […]


Roadmaster Hith

A ( broken ) hitch in our plans on the Yukon Highway 1

Prior to crossing the border into Canada, we spent a couple of weeks preparing for our Alaskan/Canadian adventure in Great Falls, MT. One of our tasks was to add a spare tire to our RV, which did not come with one from the factory. This is pretty common with modern […]

Alaska RV Travel – The Down & Dirty 3

When we left Montana on May 30, the summer seemed to stretch endlessly before us and we thought that 2 1/2 months would be more than enough time to get our fill of Alaska. As I write this post on August 7, more than half of our planned trip is […]

State Park pass

Fireweed bee

Talkeetna and the Old Denali Highway 5

The first teams to summit Mt. McKinley aka Denali had it rough: they spent weeks via horse, mule, dog sled and on foot just trying to get to the mountain itself, and then spent weeks more establishing camps to support their summit attempts, and reaching the summit itself. [Another fun […]

Denali Really is a Great One 1

We left Fairbanks and headed south to Denali National Park and Preserve. Denali the mountain, also referred to as Mt. McKinley, is the highest peak in North America and third highest in the world at 20,320′ tall. It’s so tall that it makes its own weather, and only 30% of […]



Fairbanks, the Midnight Sun, and the Arctic Circle. 1

FAIRBANKS and the SOLSTICE We arrived in Fairbanks on June 18, 2015 just in time for all of the summer solstice festivities! Fairbanks schedules a ton of activities including a huge street fair, the Midnight Sun Baseball Game, the Midnight Sun 10K run, and even a midnight golf scramble. There […]

A look at the stats after 7 months 5

JULY 20, 2015 Today marks 7 months to the day that we drove out of the Keys to begin our Big Adventure! Eric and I can hardly believe it – the time has flown and it seems we’ve hardly blinked. We have been having a fantastic time and have taken […]

Phase 4: Alaska. So far we've driven 1703.4 miles in 35 days and have stayed in 13 different sites.

Alcan end

Alaska: We Made It! Also, “The Whole Danged State’s on Fire!” 4

We crossed back into the U.S. at Poker Creek, Alaska on June 16, 2015! The Poker Creek border crossing facility is both the northern-most in North America as well as the one at the highest elevation (4,127′) and is shared by crossing guards from both countries. I can’t remember where […]

western meadowlark

Living the WILD life 1

We are constantly getting requests for more wildlife pics, so this post is all about shameless pandering and making you say “squee”! In addition to the critters captured here, we have also seen (but have either been unable to pull over or unable to get an in-focus shot) big-horn sheep, […]

Jasper National Park and the Icefields Parkway 3

We continued our journey through Canada down the  stunning Icefields Parkway to Jasper National Park where we settled into Whistler’s Campground. The following day, we hoped into the Jeep and drove into the town of Jasper for brunch. Then we headed back down the Icefields Parkway to explore. First stop was […]

Jasper wildflowers

Athabasca getting a drink

O Canada! The crossing, Alberta, and Banff National Park 2

After spending nearly 3 weeks in Great Falls, Montana prepping the RV for the Alaska trip, we finally headed north on our big adventure! We reached the Canadian border on a Sunday evening about 6PM, in Sweetgrass, MT. There was only a single car in front of us, and the […]

To Montana, and beyond! 3

Skipping ahead a little bit because our trip to Canada is about to begin! I thought I would get more blogging done while we were in Montana, but we have been busy!  In just a few days we’ll be embarking on our journey to Alaska. It’s something we’ve both wanted […]


Deadmans' view

Wyoming: Free Camping, Cowboys, and Lots & Lots of Boots

Our time in Colorado was fun and also marked the end of our planned visiting/socializing schedule. Time for a change of pace and boy did we get it! I’m an East Coast girl and, until last December have lived there all my life. I’m used to a certain amount of […]

An Inexpensive LED add-on for our Fluorescent lights

Once we got on the road and have spent more time dry camping ( no hookups ), we’ve become more energy conscious. Yes, we have solar power, but if you don’t use the power at night, you don’t have to put it back the next day. And while its not […]

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