Jeneric Rambling #3: The First Travel Blogger

Alright, she may not have been the first, but she was certainly one of the most successful travel bloggers ever! And she did it in the 1830’s. Let me explain… I have been reading and thoroughly enjoying The Oregon Trail: A New American Journey by Rinker Buck. It is the true […]

Capitol Reef NP and that time we almost got the motorhome stuck 4

April 2016: After our wonderful visit with Sterling and Teresa on the Kaibab Plateau, we headed for Capitol Reef National Park. Capitol Reef is the most remote of Utah’s National Parks and therefore the least visited. That sounded perfect to us after the crowds we had encountered at Zion and Bryce, […]

Battery meters – An RV must-have – Now with More Meters! 9

We decided to follow up the post on our lithium ion battery install with a post on the very important piece of gear that’s so important it was our first RV mod. We love to camp out in the boonies, but we work on our computers ( we’re not retired ) […]

RV Upgrades – Switching to Lithium 20

When we purchased our RV in Nov. 2012, one of the first things I did was replace the old batteries that were in the RV. They were corroded and tired, reaching the end of their useful life. I considered sealed batteries, but at about twice the cost of flooded cells, […]

Jeneric Rambling #2 In an Emergency, Seconds Count 7

WHAT?? A post 2 weeks in a row!? I’m trying to catch up, but this work thing is really interfering with my blogging and social life (haha). How many times have we heard “in an emergency, seconds count.”? We’ve heard it because it’s true, but as nomads we live a […]

Bryce and “The Grand Staircase” at Kanab, Utah 4

April 2016: It’s been nearly six months since we were actually in Utah, and sorting through these pictures today has reminded me just how visually stunning it is. If you can only visit one state in the southwest, Utah should be it! Our previous post was all about our adventures near […]

Utah Will Always Be With Us…

March 2016: Southern Utah is an absolutely stunning place: red sandstone as far as the eye can see in vast mesas, towering cliffs, and hoodoos. Your beauty will be with us forever! And I mean that literally, since your red sandstone weathers down to the finest red sand I have ever […]

A look at the stats: 19 months on the road! 1

August 2016: Oh I’m so far behind on my blogging! I have been working a few more hours and, since June 1 we’ve been staying with family, doing chores for them and doing quite a bit of work on the RV. So I promise I’ll get a travel blog out before […]

Jeneric Rambling #1 3

I’ve decided to shake things up a bit by starting a new feature: the Jeneric Rambling. These will be short posts – rambling thoughts on random things. This first is about laundry day, the laundromat, and finding balance in your life. Until we went to Morocco, I really hated having […]

Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam 2

Following our exploration of Death Valley, we headed off to another iconic destination: the Lake Mead National Recreation Area and the Hoover Dam. Our friends Susan and Robin were staying at the Government Wash campground, so that’s where we headed. The creation of the Hoover Dam, completed in 1936 to […]

Painlessly Extending a Boondocking Stay – Part 2 10

AND ALL THE REST And now for the fun stuff – tank management! Running out of power could be far more serious, but you’d never know it from the way all boondockers try to avoid the dreaded black tank burp! Our tank management skills are thus perceived to be far […]

Painlessly Extending a Boondocking Stay – Part 1 2

If you’ve followed our blog for very long, you already know that we prefer boondocking (also known as dispersed or dry camping) to staying in campgrounds and there are a whole host of reasons why: unobstructed views, peace and quiet, more wildlife and fewer people (or people that we’ve chosen […]

Joshua Tree & The Salton Sea 3

Following our Arizona boondocking stay in January, we headed west into California to visit Joshua Tree National Park. Joshua Tree NP is known for its concentration of iconic Joshua Trees and is loved by rock climbers for its concentration of fascinating formations and, due to its proximity to Los Angeles, […]