An Inexpensive LED add-on for our Fluorescent lights

Once we got on the road and have spent more time dry camping ( no hookups ), we’ve become more energy conscious. Yes, we have solar power, but if you don’t use the power at night, you don’t have to put it back the next day. And while its not […]

Jumper Connected

Denver bocce

Did you know April is the 3rd snowiest month in Colorado?? We didn’t!

It was snowing when we left Great Sand Dunes NP and the weather over the Colorado mountains was supposed to deteriorate as the day wore on, so we filled the propane tank & the fridge and high-tailed it toward our destination: Cheyenne Mountain State Park just outside Colorado Springs. We […]

A look at the stats after 4 months. 4

After 134 days on the road, we are currently boondocking at Grayrocks Reservoir near Wheatland, WY. We have driven a total of 5,347.2 miles in the RV through 13 states and have stayed in 35 different “campsites”. Whew! We have spent $2,207.20 on our campsites, which averages out to $16.47 […]

Guadalupe Mountain office view

GSD snow

Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve

We had a great visit with Mo in Durango and could have easily spent another week there, but the road to Alaska beckons and so we headed on. Having seen the twists and turns on the Million Dollar Highway heading north out of Durango (and not seeing many guardrails!), we […]

Mesa Verde National Park 5

Our last day in Durango, we drove out to Mesa Verde National Park with Mo. What an awesome Park! The scenery is beautiful, and the cliff dwellings are amazing. Many of the larger community sites have been partially restored and I spent all day marveling at the ingenuity and tenacity […]

There's trouble!


Colorad- O those mountains are big! 4

We left New Mexico and our free prairie dog entertainment and headed for the snow-capped peaks of Colorado! Our good friend Margaret (Mo) lives in Durango and we planned an entire week so we could visit. Most of the campgrounds in the area don’t open until early May, so we […]

Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time! Or, thoughts after 3 months on the road. 4

Our full-time life on the road began December 20, 2014, so yesterday marked our 3-month nomadiversary.   Woohoo!  We are both rather astonished at how “normal” it already feels:  we were old hands at leisure travel in an RV, and I suppose we had researched, dreamed, and discussed full-timing for so […]

saguaro cacti outside Tuscon

Let me up Houston, I’ve had enough! 1

I try to be open-minded about people, places, and ideas.  Even if I have my doubts, I can usually find something positive about everything & everyone.  But Houston is trying really hard to make me dislike it.  We rolled into town last Thursday for what we thought would be a quick […]

Gear for Cats 1

I recently posted this picture on social media and was asked where we got it and how the cats like it, so I thought I’d post the info here.  We purchased it several years ago on Amazon and, while the design has changed slightly, it is still available: ABO Gear’s […]

Kitty Chillin

Richland Rum2

Georgia. Or, “Good Lord, We’re Full-Timing!” 2

After an emotional farewell with our friends in NC, we headed a short way into north Georgia.  Tallulah Gorge had been on our radar for awhile: we found out about it in a book someone had given us outlining scenic drives, and had intended to camp there in 2013 before being […]

Franklin, NC and Wayah Gap 1

Finding some quiet time today to catch up on blog posts. We have been having far too much fun socilaizing, and I haven’t spent enough time working. Life is good, isn’t it??? But Eric is working today so the cats & I are enjoying some outdoors time to give him […]

View from Wayah

The Brew Ridge Trail

My brother Mike and his wife Toni have the most scenic driveway surfing we’ve yet encountered: a flat site on the banks of the Rockfish River, nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains with wooded hillsides on 3 sides of us.  They have a little slice of heaven […]


so much stuff

We’re on the Road! Or, “I have no idea where to put that.” 4

After years of dreaming, wishing, and planning, we’ve finally done it!  We sold our house, got rid of 90% of our possessions, and are living full-time in a 29′ Holiday Rambler Traveler motor home!  This has been a huge transition for us: we have each lived in the Keys more […]