The train to Llandudno Junction 2

I’d say we slept like logs, but since trees don’t really have a conscious stage to their lives, I think it’s better to say we slept like hibernating bears, if bears had just a 13 hour hibernation.  Either way, we awoke at 10, much refreshed.  A couple of cups of coffee and a shower later, we were ready to get underway.  We left the bags at the front desk and headed off for breakfast and some exploring. Our train to Wales left at 4PM from the Euston station, so we wandered that way to see if it was something we wanted to walk later, when we had our bags, or if it was a tube-worthy trip.

We had a nice walk to Euston Station, admiring the beautiful building of King’s Cross/St. Pancras as we went by.  Since we’d slept so late, we decided to take the Tube to Covent Garden, which has street performers and market stalls with all sorts of goods.  The street performers are some of the best we’ve ever seen.  One was painted to look like a bronze statue and when he was still you would never have believed he could move.  After wandering a bit, we passed a bank and went in to exchange some dollars.  Everyone in London so far has been extremely helpful and cheerful.  A gentleman at the bank informed us that the counters were closed as it was Saturday, but there was an exchange at Marks & Spencer(a department store) tucked in the corner by the knickers and bras.  This really tickles Jeanette’s funny bone for some reason, but sure enough, that’s where it’s located!  We really like the currency, especially the coins.  They have much more character than U.S. currency.  Then back to the Tube for a trip back for our luggage  The Tube is impressively efficient and makes it quite easy to get around.  At stations where you change lines, there can be a very impressive maze of tunnels, stairs and escalators.  I’d love to know how much acreage is taken up by people-passages.  We eventually made it back to Euston stations, where we got the obligatory donuts at Krispy Kreme to deliver to Sterling and Teresa.  I hope they don’t notice that there will only be 10 in the box when we get off the train.

The train is quite nice, quick, quiet, and power for laptops!  The scenery is gorgeous, with lots and lots of sheep.  We’re also passing alongside canals, which contain lots of boats which are long and narrow.  Hard to photograph at these speeds though.

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2 thoughts on “The train to Llandudno Junction

  • kyle mason

    Hey Eric…..does G-Mail work world wide? I thought it did. Could you just get on the internet and G-Mail me from the UK? Just wondering. Had a warm pillsner yet?

  • Airmon

    The internet is world wide. There are a few restricted things, like the BBC won’t let folks outside the UK watch their streams, stuff like that, but the rest of the internet is all connected. So, yes, I’m getting my emal. I’ve even remoted into the computer at home to fix something for Sue and into work to check how backups were going.
    So far, we’ve managed to get internet access at where we’ve been staying. I suspect it’ll be a little more spotty when we’re moving from B&B to tiny hotel every night, but we’ll see.
    RE: warm pilsner. Haven’t had one. Pilsner is served cold, and my hosts wouldn’t serve me improper beer. I have had some warmish ale… Very tasty.