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Today we’re off to Conwy Castle, built by Edward I about 1287 to watch over Wales. It was part of a group of 9 castles built by Edward to keep an eye on Wales after a couple of expensive wars. Apparently it was cheaper to build castles rather than re-invade every few years.

The castle has essentially two layers, an front section for the hired help and less trusted staff, and a more secure section at the back, by the water, where the king and his close staff would have stayed. You can tell the king’s section because the towers have an extra little tower on them to set them apart.

This castle included defense of the town of Conwy and some of the shoreline of the river Conwy to allow for protected resupply.


This is the main courtyard, looking toward the main entrance.

Conwy Courtyard

Looking from one of the towers to the King’s section of the castle. Notice the extra little towers on the guard towers.


Sterling and Jeanette on one of the main Guard towers.


Here’s a Panorama I shot from one of the main towers. Click here for the full file – Large file warning ( 6.6MB )!


The Conwy river experiences a very large tidal range, many boats are left exposed when the tide goes out.


After a fine day at the castle, a stop at the pub on the way home, to a lovely dinner of Toad in the Hole.


Center map
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Tomorrow: the Ffestiniog railway.

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