A Canal walk and the Duke of Cumberland’s Head. 3

Jeanette and Teresa didn’t care to visit Bletchley Park and the computer museum ( Jeanette something about prefering to be waterboarded…) so they went on a canal walk instead.

Finding the start of their walk was the most challenging part, it took them most of 45 minutes.  They did get to see swans and canal boats, though.

P1000462 P1000465

P1000475 P1000477

Jeanette finally got her sheep pictures and they had to cross the Canal on the lock doors.

P1000457 P1000488

At then end of the canal walk, they met up with us and we headed for our first night’s accomodations, a pub called “The Duke of Cumberland’s Head”, which dates back to the 17th century.  It had a thatched roof and looked the part.


The thatch is very thick and has lichen growing on it.

P1010056 P1010058

This is the inside of the bar at the pub. We stayed upstairs in very nice rooms, though the floors were  a little uneven. Dinner was great.


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3 thoughts on “A Canal walk and the Duke of Cumberland’s Head.

  • kyle mason

    nice computer history….we have come a long way.
    the canal walk looked nice too
    nice to have options
    i wonder if i can say nice in all four lines

  • Ella

    Sounds like a great vacation. I’m writing grant proposals…and enjoying taking a break and traveling with you. Thanks for blogging.

    If you see any community gardens or agriculture, could you please take a few snaps? I am working on a grant proposal (USDA) for Urban Agriculture to improve food security in a neighborhood where we will be rehabbing homes…could use some innovative ideas from “across the pond”.

    What was for dinner at the pub? All details welcomed.

    • Airmon

      I didn’t see any community gardens, but a LOT of houses have their own small gardens behind the house. Since houses are narrow, often the gardens are the same, just a long strip of land.
      Dinner at the pub was different every night, though there were a lot of common “pub grub” items on all of the menus, like steak and ale pie, or sausages and mashed potatoes, or fish and chips.