Bourton-on-the-Water and the Motor Museum

From the Hook Norton Brewery, we were off to the town of Bourton-on-the-water ( from here referred to as BOTW ) and the Duke of Wellington pub, where we would spend the night.

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bridge in BOTW BOTW houses

BOTW is a very picturesque village with a lazy little stream running directly through the center of town. The town has cashed in on this buy adding a car park with plenty of tour bus parking just a block from the center, allowing for easy tourist access. The town fills up pretty well during the day, but empties out at night.

The stream runs right behind the Duke of Wellington, which has a nice beer garden out back. Jeanette watched a Mallard duck shoot the rapids. The rest of us were sorry we missed that, so later in the trip we’ll be trying to recreate the experience…

The Duke of Wellington Danger Duck Rapids #2

I managed to pull Jeanette into the Cotswold motoring museum, a small museum filled with small cars and an eclectic collection of memorabilia, including a rather frightening Michelin tire pump.

Cars in the Cotswold motor Museum Scary Michelin Man air pump

They had a bunch of neat early British cars ( Morris, Mini , Austin ) and a very good replica of Henry Ford’s first car.

Reproduction of Henry Ford's First Car

Then back to wandering around BOTW. Jeanette and I walked a footpath out of town and back, finding one of my favorite houses of the trip, an old mill house with the water running right through the center.

The Mill House

After the walk, we found an Indian restaurant for dinner, though I doubt their true Indian credentials since all the dishes seemed to taste like Korma, rather than what was ordered. At least it was good korma.

Then back to the Duke to rest up for the next day. The next morning we got Sterling’s a picture of his dino, Sinclair, in the stream.

Sinclair on BOTW river

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