Mmmm….Beer…. 2

But not what you’re thinking.

We’ve made a small change to the plan, we’re going to take part of the day and go to Beer, the coastal English town.

Center map
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Suggested as a nice, original fishing town by one of our guide books, we headed for Beer for lunch. We had to have a beer in Beer.

Welcome to Beer!

Beer turns out to be fairly touristy town with a busy but rocky beach. The rocks are round, but they’re sized variously from small marbles to baseballs and make walking difficult.

Beer Beach from Above


So the town of Beer has re purposed old conveyor belts into paths to ease beach navigation. Once you’re on the beach, for about $13, you can rent a  little cabana and two beach chairs for the day.

Beer Beach Chairs and Cabanas

Boat launches and retrievals in Beer take place from the beach. To protect them from the stones, boats have their keels covered with steel plating and usually have extra supports to keep the boat upright when beached.

Beer Beach rocks and boat bow

Boats are retrieved by winching them up onto the rocky beach. More on this, with further details, in another post. Suffice it to say that as the rest of the gang went for lunch, I had to rent a boat and take a ride.

Eric goes for a boat ride

The boat was about 14 feet long and powered by a single cylinder gas motor. The video shows the boat running at full throttle, though the video makes it look faster than it was. Still, the boat was surprisingly stable in the water. I never felt unsafe and would have taken it almost anywhere, although slowly…

The view of Beer from the water was nice and I got some neat photos of the cliffs of Beer.

Beer Beach from the water

Beer Beach Cliff

I got close enough to see the caves under the cliffs. Watch out for the rocks!

Beer Beach Caves

The boat ride made me hungry, so I joined the rest of the group at the cliff side beer garden for Fish and Chips with mushy peas.

Fish, Chips and Mushy Peas

Finally, we decided that the rapids-running duck from Bourton-on-the-water needed to be recreated in tiny stream running through the town. So we bought a rubber duck and set about getting a good picture of him “running the rapids”.  It took a few tries.

Launching Beer in Beer

But we got it!  We’ve christened him: Eddy Beer, the Danger Duck.

Eddie Beer, The Danger Duck

Then off to Dartmoor National Park.

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2 thoughts on “Mmmm….Beer….

  • Mark S.

    Beer “post” is really cool. Especially the Boat Ride video. And the Sinclair Dino is always in the thick of things it seems. He does get around doesn’t he?
    A town like that with the name “Beer”, has to has some awesome tourist souvenirs…

    Mushy Peas sound appealing to me for some reason.

  • Sterling

    We were really disappointed with the quantity of Beer-branded souvenirs available; I was hoping for a good Beer T-shirt myself. These folks could learn a lesson from the residents of Weed, CA, who merchandise their town’s name for all it’s worth.