A Cadgwith Cove boat launch

So far on the trip, I’ve visited several coves with rocky beaches that are heavily used by commercial fishermen and other boaters. Like this one on Cadgwith Cove with all the boats pulled high up on the rocky beach. Cadgwith Cove Beach Here’s the Cadgwith Cove fleet, up close. All the boats have full, protective keels and small bilge keels to keep them upright when they’re beached. Those keels are protected by steel plating to protect them from the abrasion from the beach rocks. Bilge Keel Detail When the fishermen are done using their boats, they drive them up on the beach since they’re armored. On the beaches there are winches. They attach ends of the winch cables to the eyes on the front of the boat and pull them up onto the beach, out of the water and above the high water line. Turning blocks on the beach ( or in this case, on the ramp to the beach ) allow the winch to pull boats to different points on the beach. To get the boats back in the water, they have a tractor with a bumper on the front to push the boats out.   Here’s the boat launching process in action, caught in action by Sterling.

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