Cadgwith Cove

From the Pandora we headed to Cadgwith Cove, which turns out to be the fishing village that Beer was supposed to be. Cadgwith is very small, the road through the center of town was just one lane. Surrounded by steep hills, there is so little space on that road that we parked at the edge of town and walked our bags into the Cadgwith Cove Inn where we’d be staying for the night.

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Main Street, Cadgwith Cadgwith Cove Beach The town of Cadgwith is centered around it’s cove, which is split by a wall that protects the beach side. The other side of the cove on the wall is rocky, but pretty. Cadgwith Cove Wall Cadgwith Cove, rocky side The view from the end of the wall is stunning. Here’s a panorama I created from the wall. Like all the images on this blog, click the image to see it in a larger size, gallery format.  If you’d like to see the full version, it’s available here, but be aware, it’s big, but worth it. Cadgwith Panorama We checked into the Cadgwith Cove Inn ( you can see it on the left end of the panorama ) for the night. The Cadgwith Cove Inn We then headed up the Coastal Trail towards the Lizard. It’s just barely visible in the full panorama on the right end of the picture. It looks more like this when you walk it: The Coast Path This is the Lizard. We’ll actually make it there in a couple of days. The Lizard Jeanette on the trail. Jeanette Rocks! The walk was amazing, so I’ll just shut up and let the pictures speak for themselves. Jagged coast Snail Cadgwith from the path Gnarly Tree Stunning scenery Butterfly Flower Where we turned around to head back, you could see another RNLI station in the distance. It must be a heck of a ride down to the water to go out on a rescue. RNLI When we got back to Cadgwith, Eddy Beer ( The Danger Duck) demanded a trip down the rapids. Eddy Beer, Danger Duck Dinner at the Cadgwith Cove inn was great, and Jeanette found her favorite beer of the trip, Betty Stogs Best Bitter. Betty Stogs Best Bitter Any information on how we could get Betty Stogs in the USA would be greatly appreciated.

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