Dartmoor and the Church House

After lunch in Beer, we headed for the town of Holne in Dartmoor National Park. Filled with rolling hills capped by granite tops, it’s our last stop before Cornwall.

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Dartmoor Vista


The plan is to have a late afternoon hike in the park. After seeing the hills involved, Jeanette and I choose to not take the destination hill and leave that to String and Teresa. We walk with them down into the valley, get a few shots at the bridge and meander around the stream running through the valley.

The new bridge

S&T on the new bridge

Dartmoor is lovely, but the path we’re on doesn’t feel as foreign as some of the places we’ve been. The woods don’t look too different from many places in the US. We could be walking in Virginia.

In many places, there are large, bare rocks that jut out into the stream that allow you to sit right next to the running water. We pause by the stream to relax before heading back to the pub for dinner.

Jeanette and mossy tree

The stream

Eric and the rapids

Tonight we’re staying at The Church House Inn, which vaguely resembles Fawlty Towers from some angles. I was reassured when we were not met at the door by Manuel.

Fawlty Towers?

That’s Sterling’s black Citroen C4 Coupe at the entrance. It’s been hauling us around quite well and though the back seats are a little hard to get to, they’re pretty comfortable once you’re there. I’ll be doing a post on driving in the U.K. shortly.

String and his Citroen

Leaving Dartmoor, we drove up one of the hills and stopped to take a few more photos of the hills and the ponies that live on them.

Dartmoor Pony

A cold, breezy walk up the hill

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