2010 party – Brewmaster’s Perspective

As the Brewmaster/Bartender for the 2010 Hoodoo Hurricane Voodoo Party, I have to say it was a success. We had a LOT of takers on both beers – Downpour Porter and Stormy Stout.

With two weeks to go before the party, Jeanette and I brewed our special batches of beer. That’s the Porter in the foreground and the Stout in the back.

Beer Brewing before the Party

With about a week to go, we transferred the to the kegs and got them started chilling and carbonating in the beer cooler. It’s set a little cooler than we’d prefer for drinking, but the cooler temperature helps the beer absorb CO2 a little faster. It worked out great, both beers were well carbonated for the party. The stout even had that Guiness-y downpour effect as the beer settles through the head.

Kegs in the Fridge

Not that homebrewed kegged beer were the only items available…


Since the party has a Hurricane theme ( and this year, an oil spill theme as well ) we decided we had to have a drinks menu with Hurricane and Oil spill themed drinks. Here it is – 2010 Party Drinks Menu .

The Bar - ready for the party

Kim with the menu and the "Junk Shot"

I had a fun time serving everyone ( well, almost everyone ) and can’t wait for our post-season Party.

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