OBX: Sept. 11-18, 2010 1

Well it’s Thursday and our trip to the Outer Banks, NC is winding down.  We are here with 3 other couples, and 5 of the 8 of us have known each other since college days.  We’re now spread almost to the 4 corners (Florida, Virginia, Indiana and Texas) and this is the first time all of us have been together in something like 25 years.  We’ve had a fabulous time catching up and getting to know the “new” spouses who weren’t at UVA.  Since we’ve all been e-mailing back & forth for years, it’s almost as if we’ve known them as long, and the group dynamic’s been very relaxed.  We’ve been shelling, swimming, kite flying, and stuffing ourselves on great food.  Thanks to Hurricane Earl’s visit last week, we’ve also been smacking, swatting, and scratching the biggest crop of evil mosquitoes that I’ve seen in a long time.  Not quite as bad as the Everglades, but nobody’s spending much time at ground level!

Thanks to Julia and Tim for suggesting this (you never expected we’d all say yes – bet you won’t make THAT mistake again!) and for renting a fabulous, relaxing spot!

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One thought on “OBX: Sept. 11-18, 2010

  • kyle

    I have been checking this all week. Glad to hear from you.
    Couple of songs come to mind looking at this.
    First, a band name:
    Motly Crew.
    And a beer song (Miller)
    When it’s time to relax.
    Glad you are having a good time.
    Looking forward to hearing the “truth” when you get home.