We’re on Vacation!

We left Sebring  on Sunday Sept. 25 headed to Wisconsin for a visit with Eric’s family.  We drove the Jeep, and it was 2 long days of driving to get to Racine.  But the trip was uneventful and we had some great audio books to listen to.  We arrived late on the 26th and spent the 27th with Chris and Von, shopping for their new computer!  We spent a couple of nice cool, rainy days in Racine, with Sterling and Teresa arriving from Wales on the 29th.   Jeanette enjoyed wandering around Chris’ beautiful garden and snapping a few photos.

Left for Grandma’s on Saturday the 1st and spent the weekend in the big metropolis of Spruce, WI  (population 871).  We had a great time puttering around the farm, doing some yard work for Edna and driving around on the tractor. We also got to see Chris’ brother Ron and his wife Karen, but Valerie and Tom were both under the weather.  The first evening we watched a big flock of sandhill cranes gather and ride a thermal up before soaring off to the southwest.  They are noisy!  We really enjoyed the time with the family and a great time was had by all.


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