Camping, or, brrrrr….

On October 3rd we left Spruce and headed down to Van Boxtel RV in Green Bay to pick up our homes for the next week.  Sterling and Teresa rented a 22′ Class C RV, and Eric and I rented a 19′ trailer.  We decided to hit the grocery store before leaving, and picked nearby Woodman’s Market.  I’m not sure why the call it a “market” since it was bigger than any Sam’s Club I’ve ever been in.  Shopping was a bit of a scavenger hunt, with scouting parties being sent out to look for particular items.  We were all exhausted when we were done!

We headed up to the Wisconsin/Michigan border for the towns of Marinette/Menominee [doo doooo, do do do do dooo do…  (Don’t ask)] and the Rail House Restaurant and Brewpub.  The Railhouse had 11 brews on tap, and between us we sampled 8 of them and loved them all.  (We could have done all 11, but Jeanette had caught a nasty cold and volunteered to be the designated driver.)  We stayed at a nice municipal campground, right on the banks of the Wolf (I think) River.  It was a pretty campground and we might have considered staying another night, but it was bounded on 3 of its sides by a 6-lane bridge, a shipyard, and the municipal sewage treatment plant.  So a little bit noisy, but thankfully the wind was in our favor.

We headed out on the 4th for Door County!  Along the way, we passed the marker for Latitude 45, halfway between the equator and the North Pole.  No wonder snowmobiling and ice fishing are so popular.  Incidentally, the confluence of Latitude 45 N and Longitude 90 W (the exact mid-point of the hemisphere)  is in west-central Wisconsin and might be a future side trip.  Of the 4 hemispheric centers, 2 are underwater and the 4th is in China.

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