Barcelona Hills

After arriving in Madrid on the morning of the 8th, we went straight to the train station and headed out to Barcelona. High speed rail service here is a great way to travel, and we just couldn’t face cramming ourselves onto another flight – enough is enough!


Madrid Airport


We easily grabbed metro tickets and headed out to our hotel, which was adjacent to Park Guell. Negotiating the metro was a piece of cake, but unfortunately the street wasn’t clearly marked on the map and we ended up climbing up and down a very steep hill. We found out later that if we’d gone one more street over there was an escalator – dammit! We must have climbed that hill twice due to faulty directions, pulling & carrying all our luggage. Not to mention that all the restaurants are back at the bottom, necessitating another trip.

We did get to see this amazingly skinny apartment part way up the hill.

Skinny Apartment


We might have skipped dinner if Sterling hadn’t told us about the escalator by then. Good news: there’s an escalator. Bad news: the escalator only covers about 2/3 of the hill, leaving the middle section open to vehicular traffic. Guess which section is the steepest part of the hill?

Oh well, better 2/3 escalator and 1/3 street than the other way around. We stopped at a little market near the top to buy several caña (prounounced can-ya. 6 or 8 oz cans) of Estrella cerveza which we enjoyed on the balcony. A very nice ending to a loooong day.


Escalator Detail

Center map
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