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Dear Friends and Family,

After years of dreaming and planning, we are finally doing it: Eric & Jeanette are moving into their RV and are going to travel full-time! We will be hitting the road to adventure in mid-December.

As we enter this final month of preparation, our emotions are all over the place. We’re both very excited about our new lifestyle and are happily completing some renovations to the RV that will make it a better full-time living space, but we’re also sad to be saying goodbye to our home and friends here in the Keys. We have each been living in the Keys longer than any other place in our lives. Our roots here go deep [well, as deep as they can in a caprock yard (inside Keys joke)] and there are people and places that we will miss terribly, but all of North America awaits us and there will be new places to explore and people to meet. We will still be just a phone call or e-mail away, and will be making regular updates to our blog ( as well as posting shorter notifications on Facebook and Google+ (both “JenEricRamblings”) so that you know what we’re up to.

Speaking of staying in touch, our cell phone numbers won’t change but we may not be reachable by cell 24/7 as coverage out west and further north is not 100%. To maximize the likelihood of some kind of coverage, we will have phones that will work on all 3 major networks, as well as WiFi hotspots on different networks for internet access. Physical or snail-mail will be a bit different. We will be shifting our Florida residency to a county in north Florida for easier long-term access, and will have a mail-forwarding service to send us our physical mail; however, we will only ask them to send our mail every few weeks so there will be a delay in getting it. [We’ll be sending out this physical mailing address a little later.] If you have anything larger than a card or letter to send us, let us know ahead of time and we’ll give you an address where we intend to be camping for several days. This might be a campground address or a post office General Delivery address. It will involve a little more effort to get to us, but not much! Just remember as you’re sending us things that our “house” is now quite a bit smaller, with everything we own contained in a space about the size of the average living room. We only have space for items that are absolutely necessary.

The first question that nearly everyone has asked is, “where are you headed first?” We’ll be heading to Virginia initially to visit with Jeanette’s family and take care of a few things there. We’ll spend Christmas there and then will be doing some driveway surfing with family members. Around the middle of January we’ll be heading back south before Karma freezes (yes, the cats are most definitely coming with us)! We’ll be making a few stops to visit friends in North Carolina and the Florida panhandle, before heading to Louisiana and then generally west. We won’t have a fixed itinerary or timetable: we’ll just be exploring as the mood strikes us.

Many people have assumed that we’re retiring, but we definitely are not. We’re just changing how much of our lives will be dedicated to running on that hamster wheel! Downsizing our “stuff” and simplifying our living will allow us to downsize our work time accordingly. Eric will continue to work part-time for Monroe County, and I hope to do the same for my current position with some freelance computer work too. We’ll still have desks, but the view from the windows will be awesome!

As we travel the country, we hope to be able to visit more with all of you. If your driveway is big enough, we can just park our house there for a couple of days. You won’t have to clean the spare bedroom or wash all those towels when we leave! We would also like to extend an invitation for you to come and camp with us. While the RV doesn’t have a “spare room”, we have a large screen room/tent that we can make available. For those seeking a bit more comfort, our Jeep will be coming along with us, so if you’d like to rent a travel trailer and camp alongside us we can tow it with the Jeep! So if there’s someplace you’ve always wanted to visit, get in touch and we’ll try to coordinate some vacation time! We would love to share a bit of our new lifestyle with you.

So big changes are afoot, but it’s all going to be great! We hope to see you soon (either your driveway or ours), and we won’t be leaving the Keys forever – we plan to be annoying snowbirds and will definitely be back to visit.

See you around!
Jeanette & Eric

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One thought on “Big Changes for JenEric!

  • Rose Guieb

    Eric…..that is awesome! Hope you and your wife have a wonderful adventure. Sending positive energy for a safe and adventurous travels.