We’re on the Road! Or, “I have no idea where to put that.” 4

After years of dreaming, wishing, and planning, we’ve finally done it!  We sold our house, got rid of 90% of our possessions, and are living full-time in a 29′ Holiday Rambler Traveler motor home!  This has been a huge transition for us: we have each lived in the Keys more than 20 years, the longest either of us have ever called a place home.  We sold a home that we loved and said our painful goodbyes to some of our dearest and best friends in the world, but we’ve been dreaming of a life of travel – itching to see what’s around the next bend – and we know too many people who left their dreams too long and weren’t able to accomplish them.

We left our traditional jobs at the end of November/first week of December 2014 and the donating, pitching, and packing began in ernest.  We had originally intended to put our house up for sale as we were leaving the Keys, but opportunity knocked and so we also ended up juggling all of the paperwork and details associated with the sale, as well as completing a few projects and repairs around the house (thanks to all those who helped out.  In particular, a big thank you to Kyle and to Skip – we wouldn’t have made it without you!).  It was a grueling 3 weeks, but the week before Christmas found us with the house sold and in our first “campsite” at Kyle & Elaine’s house with the RV, Jeep, and a cargo trailer crammed to the gills.  That was an especially difficult goodbye, but we finally headed north and the adventure began.

Our good friends Kristin and Jason, the Snowmads, were camped at Skidaway Island SP outside Savannah, GA so we decided to break up our trip by spending a night there to say hello.  As we began our second day on the road heading to Georgia, the skies opened up and it began to rain.  And rain.  And rain.  In the end we stayed 2 nights at Skidaway because we were exhausted in general, tired of driving in the rain, were having fun with Kristin and Jason chatting about road adventures, and it also gave us a chance to meet fellow nomads Brandon & Kerensa of Drive, Dive, Devour.  But the family was expecting us in Virginia and so we pressed on.  We spent a nice few weeks visiting family and playing on the farm.  We also took that opportunity to unload everything that had been crammed into our vehicles (see pic below of what the RV looked like before we left our old house) and continue sorting and tossing.  We finally repacked the trailer and have left it with family.  We still have some boxes in the Jeep and in the RV that need to be dealt with, and they’ll get sorted in time.  After leaving the farm, we spent a week driveway surfing out Richmond with Cindy, Craig and Katie.  Lots of good times, including one night of Cards Against Humanity that left us all with sore stomach muscles from lauging so much!  That was also our coldest weather, with a low of 7 degrees and 4 or 5 days when it never got above freezing.  Eeek!  On to a week with Mike and Toni in the foothills of the Blueridge Mountains – so nice to spend time with them!  Mike was a great DD for us on a day that involved tastings at 1 winery, 1 brewery, 1 cidery, and 1 distillery (post to follow).  Whew!  We’ll definitely go back to do some more of that!  Preferably in warmer weather.  We left Virginia on January 17 and spent a few days in Franklin, NC visiting more friends.  We left there just a few days ago, and are currently one of only 2 rigs in the campground at Tallulah Gorge State Park in north Georgia.  After a month on the road, it finally feels like we’re on the road!!  We will be doing some additional posts to elaborate on some of our adventures over the last couple of weeks, but wanted to get a recap out to bring everybody up to date.

For those we left in the Keys, we miss you!  For those of you we’ll meet down the road, we can’t wait

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