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I recently posted this picture on social media and was asked where we got it and how the cats like it, so I thought I’d post the info here.  We purchased it several years ago on Amazon and, while the design has changed slightly, it is still available:

ABO Gear’s Happy Habitat is a nice way to let the kitties get outdoor time without us being attached to the other end of their leashes.  Stored in its bag, it is about the same length as a bag chair, but about half the diameter.  Just pull it out of the bag, let the poles drop, push down on the top and presto!  Nifty habitat.  Take-down is equally simple: just pull up on the cords and it collapses.  Fold up the legs, pull out the pine needles and stuff it in the bag.  Both bag and habitat are holding up well.  I have also used clothes pins to attach a towel to the poles so that it provides shade or screens a busy road from view.

If we’re in a fairly noisy campground or in an area where the cats can see people walking their dogs or kids riding bikes, they sometimes get spooked and want a place to hide.  Enter the pop-up cat cube!  I usually throw one into the tent and sometimes throw a towel over the top for extra privacy or for shade.  You can buy these in varying colors at large pet stores, or can order them from Amazon.  [I would suggest buying them at a pet store if you can to make sure the material will stand up to rough play.  The best type of cube is made from nylon (looks shiny and feels slick like the nylon a tent is made from).  We had a bad experience with a batch that were made from a material that felt more like cloth: similar to the material that reusable shopping bags are made from, only softer.  Do NOT buy the cubes made from the softer material!  The cats literally ripped them to shreds in a matter of days.]  The cubes made from nylon hold up well considering the abuse that ours take!  Cubes are about 15″ on a side and, while the metal frame holds them rigid at 15″x15″, they will fold nearly flat so they are very easy to stow.  Each cube has 3 solid sides, and 3 sides with round openings which have velcro patches just inside the openings.  This allows you to velcro multiple cubes together to create tunnels, L-shapes, or really large habitats if you have enough cubes!  Our Karma has discovered how to “roll” a single cube from the inside by lunging, and he will flip the cube until he gets an opening looking up at the ceiling.  Then he will wait patiently until a human walks by and “pow!”, he bursts out of the top, pops human in the leg, butt or whatever he can reach (claws not extended thankfully), and before you can turn around he has sunk back into the cube to hide & await his next victim.  Like a fuzzy little jack-in-the-box.  It’s his all-time favorite game.  Picture below is mostly for illustrative purposes: they look like the good material but I can’t be sure.

We really love these now that we are travelling with such limited space.  Cats are easily bored by everything, so on moving day we just fold all the cubes flat & stuff them in the back of the wardrobe.  We don’t necessarily pop one up when we get to our new location: sometimes we wait a few days before we throw one or two out, and by then it’s almost like a new toy.

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