Let me up Houston, I’ve had enough! 1

I try to be open-minded about people, places, and ideas.  Even if I have my doubts, I can usually find something positive about everything & everyone.  But Houston is trying really hard to make me dislike it.  We rolled into town last Thursday for what we thought would be a quick visit.  We were really just passing through, but thought we’d stay a couple of days for a quick visit with our friends Tim & Julia.  We had a nice dinner with them Thursday night and made plans to see them again Friday night before heading on toward Arizona.  But Friday wasn’t a particularly good day.  It had been cold & rainy since we arrived, and I was just having one of those days when everything you touch turns to crap and you wished you’d stayed in bed.  So when we headed to the Jeep to go out for lunch and run a few errands, it really shouldn’t have surprised me that the Jeep started – and almost immediately died.  We tried a few simple things but couldn’t get it to start again.  By the time we found a dealer, they couldn’t squeeze it in on Saturday and so we would be stuck here until at least Monday.  Tim & Julia very generously loaned us their SUV, which we were able to use to tow the Jeep to the dealership.  We were also fortunate that we have been able to stay in the RV Park here, despite the Houston Rodeo & Livestock Show taking place just a few weeks away.

We used our unexpected stay to get some work done, and to get a few RV projects done so the time wasn’t a total loss.  Also had some really great meals and I guess that is my one positive thing about Houston: you can get some great food here.  But Sunday night about midnight Mojo threw up.  Cats do that sometimes, but it continued all through Monday and he didn’t want anything to eat or drink.  I was able to get some water in him using a syringe, but he threw it right back up.  We decided that if he wasn’t better by Tuesday morning we’d take him to the vet.  And he wasn’t, so we did.  The vet thinks he has pancreatitis, possibly brought on by a recent change in food which happened because (wait for it…) the grocery store we went to in Houston didn’t carry their usual food.  Sigh.  As of this writing he is showing slight improvement but still hasn’t eaten anything.  If he doesn’t eat tomorrow morning we’ll need to take him back to the vet using our borrowed vehicle, because the Jeep won’t be ready until late Wednesday.  Or maybe Thursday.  Oh – and the estimate to fix the Jeep??  Well, everything is bigger in Texas.

Enough already Houston!  You win!  Maybe we’ll go back to that really fantastic Indian restaurant to console ourselves, cuz nice food is all I’ve got so far in Houston.  Oh wait – and a nice Veterinarian recommended by 2 really awesome friends.

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One thought on “Let me up Houston, I’ve had enough!

  • Diane

    Oh my! I’m so glad you had friends there to help! I hope mojo is feeling better soon, and your jeep is back up and running. Note to self…. avoid Houston in the future!!!! Love you guys. Life is still good:) Hang in there.