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We are constantly getting requests for more wildlife pics, so this post is all about shameless pandering and making you say “squee”! In addition to the critters captured here, we have also seen (but have either been unable to pull over or unable to get an in-focus shot) big-horn sheep, Stone sheep, a gray fox, a grizzly cub, coyote, and more birds than I can list here. Enjoy!

Elk herd

Elk herd in Wyoming

Banff Columbia Ground Squirrel

Columbia Ground Squirrel, Banff National Park

Banff Columbia Ground Squirrels

Columbia Ground Squirrels, Banff National Park

Banff elk

Elk, Banff National Park

bison camo

Camo bison, Yukon Territory

black bear

Black bear, Yukon Territory (yes they can be brown)

black bear2

Black Bear, Yukon Territory


Bullwinkle, Liard River Hotsprings, Yukon


Moose, Liard River Hotsprings


Cottontail, Arizona

Cheyenne Pikes monk

Chipmunk, Pikes Peak CO

Cheyenne western bluebird

Western bluebird, Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado

Clark's Nutcracker

Clark’s Nutcracker, Athabasca Glacier, Jasper National Park

common raven

Raven, Banff National Park

Dashboard Weasel

Stripey Weasel, dashboard


Eddy & Ducky, Arctic Circle

Gambals quail

Gambal’s quail, Arizona

Gray Jay Rocky Mtns adult

Gray Jay (Rocky Mountain adult), Banff National Park

hotsprings duck

Hotsprings duck, Liard River Hotsprings, Yukon

Jasper Hoary Marmot

Hoary Marmot, Jasper National Park

Jasper pika

Pika, Jasper National Park

Klondike Ducks

Klondike River Ducks, Dawson City, Yukon


Magpie, Great Sand Dunes NP, Colorado

Moose poop

Moose poop, Chena Lake Recreation Site, Alaska

mountain goat

Mountain goat, Banff National Park

Mountain Panther

Mountain panther, Top of the World Highway, Yukon Territory

Prairie Dog

Prairie Dog, Red Rocks City Park, NM

Pronghorn antelope

Pronghorn antelope, Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado

Red squirrel

Red Squirrel, North Pole, Alaska

Red squirrel midden

Red Squirrel Midden, North Pole, Alaska. They pile up and bury spruce cones for the winter because they don’t hibernate!

snowy moose

Young moose, Wyoming

Tundra tigger

Tundra tigger, North Pole, Alaska

western meadowlark

Western Meadowlark, Dead Man’s Basin, Montana

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