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Key West BrewFest! Sep 05

Yesterday we attended the inaugural Key West BrewFest, hosted by the Southernmost Hotel complex.  We had a blast and hope there’ll be a 2nd Annual next year.  There were 23 booths, offering everything from the lightest white to the darkest stout.  We found several brands that will end up in the cooler eventually.  In no particular order: Magic Hat’s #9,  Brooklyn Local 2, Ephemere ApplePalm Belgin Amber Ale, & Moretti La Rossa.  And the winners in the “most fun with names” category: Mama’s Yella Pils, Dead Guy Ale, Monk in the Trunk, Holy Mackerel, and Panic Attack.  Kudos also to Magic Hat for handing out condoms with the brewery name on the package.  Magic Hat – get it?

Representing the home brewers, the Key West B.U.B.B.A.’s were there.  Wish I could remember what the acronym stands for, but all the samples have clouded my brain.  Jim Brady, head of the club, has converted an enclosed fiberglass trailer into a portable brewery and dispensing unit, complete with refrigeration and taps drilled through the side.  Guess what Eric wants now?

This post would be a lot longer if I hadn’t had such a good time.  Anybody find my sunglasses????  I really liked those sunglasses…

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Mmmm….Beer…. Sep 24

But not what you’re thinking.

We’ve made a small change to the plan, we’re going to take part of the day and go to Beer, the coastal English town.


The Hook Norton Brewery Tour Sep 21

From the Duke of Cumberland’s Head, we were off in the morning to our tour of the Hook Norton Brewery, an old brewery making beer in the traditional way, powered by a steam engine. At the end of the tour, beer tasting!

Hook Norton Steam Engine Hook Norton Pump System


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