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Trying to go through platform 9 3/4 and Flying the Eye Sep 06

Once we managed to find our hotel ( Kings Cross Premier Inn ), we take a short break and catch our breath.  The fact that we’re in London catches up with me here. Or maybe it was the exhaustion.

We decided that to get our systems adjusted to the new time, we needed to NOT sleep, despite the “late” time that our systems were still on. ( Noon, technically, but for us it was 5 AM without any sleep to speak of…) So, we headed out to get our first real look at London.

First, let me say I’m not a big fan of cities, with the scale of my dislike for them being proportionate to their size. Generally speaking, if I’m in one, I’m ready to get out just as soon as my business there is complete. Not so with London, which I really like.

We decided we should take the underground from King’s Cross to the Waterloo station and walk from there to the London Eye, the huge “Ferris Wheel” on the south bank of the Thames.  While at the King’s Cross underground station, we went up top to the train station to check on train tickets for the following day to Wales.