About us


This blog is dedicated to the ramblings, both literal and figurative, of Eric Udell & Jeanette Hobbs. [Thanks to Mo for sending us a Christmas card addressed to “JenAir” which provided the inspiration for the whole JenEric (pronounced generic) “product” line.  Mo-ists of the world unite!]

What made us decide to ramble? After years of being frustrated by only 2 or 3 weeks of vacation each year, we decided there had to be a better way. Inspired by a wave of younger travel bloggers who work while they travel, we made it happen and hit the road full time in December of 2014. While we’re not retired, our new lifestyle allows us to work far fewer hours and enjoy life far more. We’ve never looked back.

Jeanette is the primary blog author, although Eric posts techy/geeky things from time to time. We travel in a 29′ Holiday Rambler Traveler (Class A) with our 2 cats: Karma and Mojo. They do absolutely nothing to contribute to the blog or to the bank account but they’re cute, so we’ve let them stick around. We also spend a lot of time 4-wheeling in our Jeep Liberty, aka Lana.

Look for us on the road or the trail!