GoTenna Mesh Hands-On review 1   Recently updated !

As noted in our Beartooth review, we spend a lot of time visiting areas that don’t have much in the way of cell service, so we’ve often found a use for off grid communications systems for personal communications. For years we’ve used walkie talkies (in the FRS/GMRS frequencies ) for […]

Hands-on review of the new Beartooth smartphone radios – Updated ( x2 ) and Compared to GMRS walkie-talkies 44

10/20/2017 Note: I have received two new Beartooth units from the manufacturer and now believe at least one of our original units used in this post to have been defective. We have done new Line of Sight range testing with the new units and have posted updated ( better ) […]

RV Solar Part 2: Installation 4

Part 2 – Installation   As mentioned earlier, UPS damaged one of the panels, so there was a delay while AMSolar shipped another one. In the meantime, I laid out all of the other components on a table like a big schematic and walked through all of the steps I […]

Viair 400P-RV Air Compressor Review 1

The tires on my 29′ Class A are 245/70R19.5 and need to be inflated to 100 to 110 PSI, depending on the load, so this is significantly more difficult than a normal 35 psi car tire. Many coin operated compressors at gas stations aren’t up to the task and we […]

Cedar Key for the Holidays

I’m not the first one to say it, but there’s Something Special about Cedar Key, FL.  Originally, we were planning on just Christmas, but after hearing about the place from online friends and realizing we had the opportunity to meet a community of other travelers, we decided to stay for an […]

Walks with vultures

June 11, 2012 Our first full day at Sterling and Teresa’s.  We spend the  morning exploring Olvera.  Southern Spain was contested territory for years, going back & forth between Moorish and Spanish control.  As a result, nearly every village was built near the crest of a hill and has a […]

On to Olvera

June 10, 2012 After walking around old-town Barcelona and having lunch on a beautiful shady plaza, we caught the train to Antequera and were met by Sterling and Teresa. We spent the the trip to Olvera admiring the countryside and catching up. The high speed trains in Spain were awesome […]