Alaska Canada 2015

Hope and Whittier – The Kenai, Part 3. 5

I suppose that by definition all full-time RVers have chosen “the road less traveled” but among those full-timers you’ll find a full range of preference for the places they choose to explore. We have friends who enjoy exploring urban areas and stealth camping in cities, and others who want to […]

Wildflower Summer 11

This post simply celebrates the Summer of the Wildflower. We’ve been living in the Keys for 20+ years and there are very few annuals, perennials, or wildflowers there, so I’m the first to admit that we might be more susceptible to wildflower charms than the usual tourist to Canada & […]

Are we there yet??? Driving through BC, the Yukon, and the Top of World to finally arrive in Alaska.

The ALCAN through BRITISH COLUMBIA and THE YUKON TERRITORY We bid a reluctant farewell to Jasper National Park and headed north and west through Albert and into British Columbia for the official start of our Alaska journey: the Alaska Highway marker in Dawson Creek! The Alaska or Alaska-Canadian Highway, also […]

Living the WILD life 1

We are constantly getting requests for more wildlife pics, so this post is all about shameless pandering and making you say “squee”! In addition to the critters captured here, we have also seen (but have either been unable to pull over or unable to get an in-focus shot) big-horn sheep, […]