Colorad- O those mountains are big! 4

We left New Mexico and our free prairie dog entertainment and headed for the snow-capped peaks of Colorado! Our good friend Margaret (Mo) lives in Durango and we planned an entire week so we could visit. Most of the campgrounds in the area don’t open until early May, so we […]

The Brew Ridge Trail

My brother Mike and his wife Toni have the most scenic driveway surfing we’ve yet encountered: a flat site on the banks of the Rockfish River, nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains with wooded hillsides on 3 sides of us.  They have a little slice of heaven […]

Monument Point Campground and Egg Harbor

Tuesday we headed out to the Door County peninsula.  Door County is the “thumb” on the mitten of the eastern Wisconsin shoreline that projects out into Lake Michigan.  We learned that it was originally named “Death’s Door” for a dangerous water passage between the peninsula and nearby Washington Island.  Wisely, […]

Camping, or, brrrrr….

On October 3rd we left Spruce and headed down to Van Boxtel RV in Green Bay to pick up our homes for the next week.  Sterling and Teresa rented a 22′ Class C RV, and Eric and I rented a 19′ trailer.  We decided to hit the grocery store before […]

2011 Pre-Season Hurricane Party Announcement

IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN….. COME TO ERIC & JEANETTE’S FOR THE 6th ANNUAL HOODOO HURRICANE VOODOO PARTY! Let’s recap: 2005 (no party): 31 (Yes, 31!!) named storms, several keys strikes, and a little extra something called “storm surge”. 2006, the 1st ever Hoodoo Hurricane Voodoo party: 9 named storms, but […]

Key West BrewFest!

Yesterday we attended the inaugural Key West BrewFest, hosted by the Southernmost Hotel complex.  We had a blast and hope there’ll be a 2nd Annual next year.  There were 23 booths, offering everything from the lightest white to the darkest stout.  We found several brands that will end up in […]