GoTenna Mesh Hands-On review 1   Recently updated !

As noted in our Beartooth review, we spend a lot of time visiting areas that don’t have much in the way of cell service, so we’ve often found a use for off grid communications systems for personal communications. For years we’ve used walkie talkies (in the FRS/GMRS frequencies ) for […]

Hands-on review of the new Beartooth smartphone radios – Updated ( x2 ) and Compared to GMRS walkie-talkies 44

10/20/2017 Note: I have received two new Beartooth units from the manufacturer and now believe at least one of our original units used in this post to have been defective. We have done new Line of Sight range testing with the new units and have posted updated ( better ) […]

Smartphones – A Personal History – part 2

In Part 1 I talked about PDA’s that I’ve had prior to having a smartphone. That’s done, we’re up to the good stuff. Kyocera 7135 – best smartphone ever? Well, maybe in my opinion. At least one of the first really good ones. Smartphones had been around for a while, […]

Smartphones – A Personal History – Part 1 2

PCWorld’s “Talk Nerdy to me” email hit my inbox and caught my eye with the title “A Brief History of Smartphones”. Cool, I’ve been using these since just about the beginning. Let’s take a trip down memory lane. I clicked through and found this:  I was frustrated that it […]