Life in the Keys

Big Changes for JenEric! 1

Dear Friends and Family, After years of dreaming and planning, we are finally doing it: Eric & Jeanette are moving into their RV and are going to travel full-time! We will be hitting the road to adventure in mid-December. As we enter this final month of preparation, our emotions are […]

2011 Pre-Season Hurricane Party Announcement

IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN….. COME TO ERIC & JEANETTE’S FOR THE 6th ANNUAL HOODOO HURRICANE VOODOO PARTY! Let’s recap: 2005 (no party): 31 (Yes, 31!!) named storms, several keys strikes, and a little extra something called “storm surge”. 2006, the 1st ever Hoodoo Hurricane Voodoo party: 9 named storms, but […]

Redecorating with Ashton and Lolita

The following story and photographs were sent to Jeanette in an email from a friend who is a volunteer with the Audubon Center for birds of Prey . Posted with permission, text and photos copyright Kathy Finnerty (more of her work can be found here and here), with the exception […]

Key West BrewFest!

Yesterday we attended the inaugural Key West BrewFest, hosted by the Southernmost Hotel complex.  We had a blast and hope there’ll be a 2nd Annual next year.  There were 23 booths, offering everything from the lightest white to the darkest stout.  We found several brands that will end up in […]

Welcome to JenEric Ramblings! 2

Yes, we’ve given in and have started a blog page.  Our aim is to have a place to post photos so that you may view them at your leisure and updates on our “ramblings” (be they literal or figurative).  We promise not to write posts about the minutia of our daily […]