Hands-on review of the new Beartooth smartphone radios – Updated and Compared to GMRS walkie-talkies 10   Recently updated !

In our travels we’ve been to many places where our cellphones don’t work. We’ve been to several national parks ( Yosemite is the most recent )  and events ( Overland Expo West ) where Jeanette and I found our cellphones next to useless much of the time. We fell back […]

Viair 400P-RV Air Compressor Review 1

The tires on my 29′ Class A are 245/70R19.5 and need to be inflated to 100 to 110 PSI, depending on the load, so this is significantly more difficult than a normal 35 psi car tire. Many coin operated compressors at gas stations aren’t up to the task and we […]