Death Valley Super Bloom – It’s Alive! 4

We had been camping and four-wheeling in in the desert with our friends Brandon and Kerensa of DriveDiveDevour, and decided to head to Death Valley to catch the Super Bloom. There are always spring flowers in the desert, but only perfect conditions such as those of the winter & spring of […]

Boondocking Bliss 11

We had just completed our first full year on the road, and it was quite the whirlwind. We logged a ton of miles and moved a lot. We thought that when we got back to the Lower 48 in October we would slow down significantly, but Washington and Oregon were cold, wet […]

Year 1 By the Numbers 4

Our first year on the road is over, and what an amazing year it was! We are so fortunate to be able to travel at this point in our lives; travels that have allowed us to meet so many great new people and to reconnect with family and friends we […]

A White Christmas! 4

No matter what the holiday, they are always more festive if you’re with family and friends, so we left northern California and headed to New Mexico to spend some time with Eric’s brother and sister-in-law. Teresa is currently an interpreter at Aztec Ruins National Monument in Aztec, NM, so they […]

A Whole Year? Already?!? 21

Well it’s hard to believe, but we’ve been on the road a year already! We left the Keys on December 20th of 2014 and it seems like only yesterday. And what a year it has been – we will have a hard time topping this one I think! Our lives […]

Valdez & McCarthy – Saving the Best for Last! 4

I know, I know! We crossed back into the lower 48 on October 1 and I haven’t written a blog post since then. I’m afraid that Alaska completely wore me out! I know it sounds funny but we did maintain a pretty frenetic pace from the time we crossed over […]

Day Trips, Little Whales, and Big Bears! – The Kenai, Part 4. 2

From our base at Deep Creek, we had fun exploring the west coast of the Kenai. We took a day trip to the town of Kenai and Captain Cook State Recreation Area with the Wynns, stopping of at Kassik’s Kenai Brewing for a flight of tasty concoctions. We were impressed […]

Hope and Whittier – The Kenai, Part 3. 5

I suppose that by definition all full-time RVers have chosen “the road less traveled” but among those full-timers you’ll find a full range of preference for the places they choose to explore. We have friends who enjoy exploring urban areas and stealth camping in cities, and others who want to […]

Beaches and Sunsets and Eagles, Oh My! The Kenai, Part 2 8

We bid farewell to Seward and headed toward the west coast of the Peninsula. We had hoped to spend some time camping right on the Russian River with its gorgeous green waters and fantastic salmon fishing, but we visited near the peak of salmon season and this part of the […]

Seward – The Kenai, Part 1 6

We said goodbye to Denali and the interior, and headed south toward the Kenai Peninsula. The Kenai bills itself as Alaska’s Playground due to the myriad rivers offering salmon fishing, the gorgeous coastal scenery, and a wealth of recreational activities. You must pass through Anchorage to reach the Kenai, and […]

Wildflower Summer 11

This post simply celebrates the Summer of the Wildflower. We’ve been living in the Keys for 20+ years and there are very few annuals, perennials, or wildflowers there, so I’m the first to admit that we might be more susceptible to wildflower charms than the usual tourist to Canada & […]

A ( broken ) hitch in our plans on the Yukon Highway 1

Prior to crossing the border into Canada, we spent a couple of weeks preparing for our Alaskan/Canadian adventure in Great Falls, MT. One of our tasks was to add a spare tire to our RV, which did not come with one from the factory. This is pretty common with modern […]

Alaska RV Travel – The Down & Dirty 5

When we left Montana on May 30, the summer seemed to stretch endlessly before us and we thought that 2 1/2 months would be more than enough time to get our fill of Alaska. As I write this post on August 7, more than half of our planned trip is […]

Talkeetna and the Old Denali Highway 5

The first teams to summit Mt. McKinley aka Denali had it rough: they spent weeks via horse, mule, dog sled and on foot just trying to get to the mountain itself, and then spent weeks more establishing camps to support their summit attempts, and reaching the summit itself. [Another fun […]

Denali Really is a Great One 1

We left Fairbanks and headed south to Denali National Park and Preserve. Denali the mountain, also referred to as Mt. McKinley, is the highest peak in North America and third highest in the world at 20,320′ tall. It’s so tall that it makes its own weather, and only 30% of […]